A Quick Look at a Few of the Obvious Disadvantages of Glass Flooring

A Quick Look at a Few of the Obvious Disadvantages of Glass Flooring First and foremost, you have to remember that glass is a smooth surface! Therefore, if you have just had hip surgery, you are accident prone or you just happen to have two left feet, a glass floor probably isn't the best surface for your home or office. Or maybe, your not the one whom you are worried about getting hurt; you certainly wouldn't want your grandmother who happens to be living with you to slip and fall on your glass floor! The chances of falling on a glass floor are especially compounded when the floor is wet! So, if you spill, you would want to dry that area of your glass floor immediately! Second, the cost of a glass floor is a lot more than that of traditional flooring or carpeting. You are most likely looking at about $30 to $40 per square foot! Other drawbacks are even though a glass floor is relatively difficult to crack, they are very easy to scratch! They are hardly easy to install either! You definitely want to hire a professional to install a floor like this, a glass floor is not one you want to take on yourself, not if you want it to look as great as it should, anyway. If not installed properly, you might actually be able to see some of the adhesive used to install it in certain areas of the floor. That being said, there is going to be added cost to hiring a professional to install it. All these potential disadvantages aside, there is still no other flooring available that can give your home or office the look of supreme luxury like a glass floor can! You have to decide if all the potential hazards and undisclosed disadvantages are worth the outcome; in other words, the slew of oohs and aahs you are going to inevitably receive when all your friends and family get a load of your awesome glass floor!

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