Advantages of a Glass Facade

Advantages of a Glass Facade

Since the planning and construction of different kinds of buildings is mainly determined by the requirement of energy efficiency, the use of efficient glass facades is a necessity to keep costs low. There have also been major improvements to glass facades over the years since in the past there have been unpleasant effects from the excess heat that builds up in the buildings interior.Driven largely by the pursuit of transparency, a new facade technology has emerged as a way to fix the problem of design. The glass facades of the new generation provide more flexibility in terms of energy efficiency because the transparent and opaque surfaces are combined and the various technical equipment is integrated into the facade elements. There are now multi-functional facades that provide a variety of functions such as heating and cooling. The new facades also contribute permanently to the reduction of energy requirements to the building. A perfect example on how modern facades are improving the energy requirements is the i-module façade, which was developed by German companies Schüco and Trox. Another advantage to the glass facade module is the efficiencies of mass production and the economies of scale. The glass grid has the biggest advantage since it can be made uniform in a factory, reducing the overall cost, sometimes even significantly. Lastly another primary advantage is the ability for the glass facade to lessen the requirements for heavy boundary structures to resist heavy loads.

Overall modern glass facades provide a better way to build a building while significantly reducing cost, and it is used also to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Glass facades also provide a more interesting surface geometry while retaining the integrity of the architectural design. In the future designers and architects alike are going to continue making improvements on glass facades to provide better structural design to buildings.

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