Advantages of installing electric privacy glass

Just the word privacy evokes a safe feeling and a sense of protection. Advanced technology has replaced curtains, blinds, shades and shutters with the privacy glass option. Privacy glass gives people the right amount of light, yet just with a switch or push of a button, they can have immediate privacy. The technology of privacy glass is amazing. It consists of a liquid crystal sheet between two layers of glass. The liquid crystals by themselves do not emit or produce energy, but when an electrical matter is introduced, then the crystals come alive. This method enables a glass to be clear when inactive, meaning the electric power is off and it turns frosted when active. Many electric or smart glass features also enable people to dim the glass to their requirements. This smart glass technology also allows the ability to project images upon its surface and it provides quality sound reduction. The privacy glass is strong, easier to clean than curtains, drapes and blinds and it protects the interior environment from harsh UV rays. Privacy glass options are easy to customize and have become quite popular in many environments. Electric privacy glass gives exclusive spaces a unique and astonishing glass architecture. Areas that can benefit from using privacy glass technology can include medical institutions, government buildings, corporate boardrooms, artistic structures and entertainment venues. The technical specifics of electric privacy glass makeup, includes its source, which must be a minimum amount of watts and the electric power can not run continuously. Its principle operates on regular 110 voltage, which is approximately 3-5 watts per square meter of glass area. Every commercial industry that you can imagine, has installed electric privacy glass technology, as well as luxury residential homes for use in restrooms, hallways, living rooms, dining areas modern kitchen designs. Smart privacy glass does not fade like curtains, shades or cloth and plastic most certainly would. This technology combines what the world is looking for in its demand for energy saving devices, privacy viewing, yet the ability to see beautiful sights and design innovations for interior use. These energy efficient glass pane and tinted technology options are the “green” energy savers of today and tomorrow. Buildings can use floor to wall electric privacy glass technology because they can be customized in any size, shape and design. Panel privacy glass structures can be switched around or remain stationary for door inserts or beautiful bay windows.

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