Advantages of Installing Sliding Glass Pocket Door

Advantages of Installing Sliding Glass Pocket Door

Sliding glass pocket doors can be installed as an interior door or an exterior door. A pocket door can be added as a custom design element or as a unique feature. This type of door is rarely seen in homes as it is not as common as a standard door. Pocket doors have rollers that slide on a track mounted on the top of the door frame. Review some of the advantages of glass pocket doors over a solid wood pocket door and traditional swinging doors.

Open View and Light

The use of glass instead of solid wood for a pocket door does not block the view of any other areas in a home. Glass pocket doors allow light to shine into a room when the door is closed. The availability of light into a room reduces the need to turn on lights that use energy. This means that a home is able to be more energy-efficient.

Hidden From View

Pocket glass doors are mounted in a frame that fits inside a wall. This means that these doors will slide into the wall when they are opened and be hidden from view. A traditional swinging door opens inside or outside of a room and needs clearance to fully open. Clearance will not be an issue for a room with a pocket door.

Space Savings

The sliding aspect of a pocket door means the space required for a traditional swinging door will not be necessary. This results in space savings homes with minimal square footage. A glass pocket door added to any room in a home takes up virtually no space. The addition of a pocket door can add an additional ten square feet to an existing room.

Remodeling Aspects

A glass pocket door is an option if a bedroom needs to be connected to a bathroom. The existing wall is used for installing a pocket door to create a master suite. A new pocket added to create a master suite is a great option to keep the existing footprint of the bedroom.

Decorative Element

The elegance of a glass pocket door is a great decorative element for a home. One option is to have two pocket doors installed instead of one. This is an option for the door to a dining room or family room. If a pocket door is added for a bathroom, then frosted glass can be added for privacy.

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