Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems

Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems

First impressions are important. The outside of your building is the first thing your customers see when they arrive. Using the right covering can make that good impression. Aluminum curtain wall systems can be used on the outside of buildings, giving you the look you desire.

Curtain wall systems are a non-load bearing covering, and can be used on any size building. It works by covering the structure, holding out weather while helping to insulate. There is also a layer of insulation under the curtain wall.

While older systems were made of heavy materials, modern coverings can be made of lightweight material such as aluminum.

Aluminum curtain wall systems can give buildings a long lasting beautiful look.

When using glass as an infill material, natural lighting helps by keeping electrical costs down, and allows employees to see out, feeling less closed in. Metal and stone can be added for aesthetics, helping to enhance the buildings appearance. If using glass for infill, glass can be permanently shut or they can be fully functioning windows. Combinations of multiple infill can be used giving the desired look.

You have many choices in aluminum curtain wall systems. The curtain walls can be painted or anodized. With colors and shapes of the curtain walls mixed with the options of infill’s you can create the look and feel to fit your needs.

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