Aluminum Glass Doors vs Wooden Door

When choosing the perfect door, it is best to have an idea of what the door will be needed most for. Here, we will examine the pros and cons of an aluminum glass door vs. wooden doors. Aluminum glass doors can often be seen in places such as fire stations, car repair and maintenance businesses and even retail stores. Aluminum glass doors are generally chosen for their long durability (not as much wear and tear) and low maintenance. In car repair and maintenance businesses, aluminum doors can even be fashioned to have an electronic or manual pulley system for raising and lowering the door. The downside to aluminum glass doors, in a larger setting, is that the aluminum can dent and glass can break and need to be replaced. Wooden doors, on the other hand, are seen more in personal homes and the back end of a business. They tend to be more behind the scenes, though are just as functional as an aluminum glass door. Wooden doors are sturdy and secure and offer low maintenance and easy replacement. The only downside for wooden doors is that they can sometimes be heavy or become warped by high humidity and water damage. Generally aluminum glass doors are used in a garage setting to either store or work on cars because the ability to raise a large door is more realistic than a large wooden door that would otherwise have to be slid or removed entirely to do the same job. The same can be said for a wooden door that is used for a secure purpose. Adding a window would diminish the security of the door. However, when picking a door, consider such things as customer traffic, use/function, and overall look before deciding. Aluminum glass doors and wooden doors both offer sturdy function-ability. Both doors offer professional looks and can be used in many settings including private and public. For private use, wooden doors are most common and suggest a warm and secure home. For a more public nature, aluminum glass doors are better for a customer to peer inside and are easily moved out of the way for heavy customer traffic. All of these factors and others will help you decide which door is best for your needs.

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