Aluminum storefront doors are not just curb appeal, they have so much more to offer

Aluminum storefront doors are not just curb appeal, they have so much more to offer.
Designed to withstand the elements, aluminum storefront doors offer a variety of purposes from curb appeal to providing security during off-hours. Aluminum storefront doors have become an industry staple for strength, durability, security, and elegance. It’s these combined factors that make aluminum doors the leading choice for commercial applications. So what benefits do aluminum doors offer over other their competitors? Unlike other metals, aluminum is non-corrosive which gives it an advantage. It has a naturally occurring oxide process that protects the metal from outside elements. It will not rust, corrode, splinter, peel or rot like other materials. Aluminum is lightweight; in fact it’s only one-third the weight of steel or iron. It also offers flexibility. Aluminum is designed to flex upon impact or heavy loads and will spring back providing added strength. Protection of assets is a concern for any company. Although no door on the market can guarantee protection from an intruder, aluminum doors do add additional defenses against the potential threat of a break-in. The added strength of tempered glass combined with the security provided by aluminum frame construction will ensure a higher success rate against intrusions. Giving peace of mind to storefront owners that their assets are secure. First impressions are critical when it comes to providing great service so having an entrance that speaks to the integrity of a business only makes sense. First impressions start when a client walks through the front door. Aluminum door applications offer the flexibility to customize an order to fit any company's required level of elegance. Custom anodizing allows for a wide range of color options that support changing storefront applications. Aluminum storefront doors do more than just add beauty to a business. They are remarkably durable. These doors are designed to handle the wear and tear of high traffic environments such as hospitals or supermarkets and have been time tested to handle long-term abuse. They will continue to maintain their structural integrity year after year even through some of the harshest weather conditions. When you consider the overall life cycle of these doors it’s hard to find a similar door with this kind of lasting value.

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