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Glass Stairs & Stairways
Glass stairs and stairways can make even the most common and small space look extraordinarily modern and contemporary. While adding to the space element of the house by reflecting light, glass stairways can make anyone feel like a celebrity.
Their use in interior decoration has grown phenomenally in the last few years. If you add a non-slip surface cover on the glass stairways, you don’t need to worry about tripping and falling on the glass surface. Moreover, the diffused surface ensures privacy, protecting you from prying eyes below. Steel rods can be added along with the glass surface to create a greater impact and style to the unique stairways.
There are as many options with glass stairways as there are with ordinary stairways and you can opt for winding stairways if your fancy so desires. Durable and resistant to damage, glass stairways add exclusivity and uniqueness to your residential or commercial space.
At NYC Glass Works, we specialize in manufacturing and installation of glass staircases in any style you may desire, adding a trendy look to your home or office.
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