Smart Glass | Switchable Glass | Electric Privacy Glass

Smart Glass Smart Glass (also known as  electric privacy glass) is made up of a liquid crystal sheet sandwiched in between two layers of glass.   When a switched is turned on, the electrical current alters the  molecules of the liquid crystal and that is how the glass appears to change from clear to the three available colors, white, gray or light blue. Smart glass allows to transform any open area into a private room in a matter of seconds.  Often used in offices and boardrooms to address need for privacy, smart glass also  allows for creation of instant projection screens  allowing to project videos right unto the glass wall. At NYC Glass Works, we are experienced in creating affordable smart  glass applications using cutting-edge technology. Our smart glass designs add to the décor of your setting and come at competitive rates. Please Give us a call for a free estimate.  (718) 535-5668 or request a quote online.

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