Architectural Glass Wall

Architectural Glass Wall Architectural glass is a specially treated glass that is created to withstand the additional loads and stresses that are required for building structures such as floors, walls, stairs, etc. Standard glass that is used in non-structural products doesn’t have the strength for architectural use and shatters easily under pressure posing dangers to anyone in the area. Architectural glass walls are becoming more common not only in commercial applications but also in personal residences. One of the main uses is in exterior walls for homes and other buildings. These walls maximize views and natural lighting and can make rooms seem larger. These features lend a very contemporary feel to homes and offices. They are useful for making spaces seem more open concept and allow significantly more light to flow throughout a space. In office buildings, architectural glass walls are often used in interior walls and offices to provide privacy and noise reduction without reducing visibility and natural light. Two of the most common glass types used for architectural glass wall installations are tempered glass and laminated glass. In addition to being able to withstand higher loads and pressures than standard glass, these two glass types are less dangerous when they do break. Tempered and laminated glasses are similar in that they both shatter into a large number of similarly sized and shaped, non-jagged pieces upon high impacts. Because they are not the jagged shards that occur when untreated glass breaks, they are far less dangerous and cause fewer injuries both when breaking and during cleanup. The biggest difference between tempered and laminated glass is that laminated glass has a thin plastic sheet sandwiched between layers of glass that keeps the smaller pieces together when the glass shatters. This is an extra precaution that is useful in uses such as skylights so that if they break, the pieces do not fall down and injure anyone standing below the window.

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