Are Semi Frameless Shower Doors The Right Choice For You?

Are Semi Frameless Shower Doors The Right Choice For You?

Homeowners have a wealth of choices to consider when designing the bathroom in their home. There are many choices for everything from the cabinet hardware to the plumbing to the toilet. However, nothing can make as immense an impact on the appearance of the bathroom than the shower door especially if the bathroom is small. In a small bathroom, the shower door can actually create a new wall, making the shower enclosure a focal point in the overall appearance of the bathroom.

When shower doors were first designed, they were surrounded by metal, a look some homeowners did like. The next design was frameless, but some homeowners did not think they looked sturdy enough as well as being prohibitively expensive. The thicker glass on the framless shower doors can lead to a higher price tag. The latest entry into the market is the semi frameless shower door.

Semi frameless shower doors are what some homeowners think to be a happy medium. While there is metal around the entire shower enclosure adding stability, there is not metal around the entire door, aiding in a transparent look. The shower doors have metal at the bottom to control drips, but the other three sides have no metal so the door appears frameless.

Homeowners also find this choice easier on the budget. The prices for these types of shower doors fall between the high price frameless shower doors can command, and the lower price of traditional framed shower doors. The single metal side also makes these doors almost as easy to clean as the frameless shower doors with fewer nooks and crannies to hide water, dirt, and soap scum.

The final decision is up to the homeowner, their budget and their safety concerns, but these shower doors do make a pleasant third choice for homeowners to have available. If the homeowner chooses to go with this choice, there is a wide variety of designs to choose from for their bathroom. The design and the glass thickness depend on the manufacturer so the homeowner can choose the style that suits their design and budgetary concerns.

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