Decor With Back painted Glass

Backpainted Glass One of the most sought after components in décor and architectural design would be glass. Many feel that glass offers a look and feel in both design and décor because of the versatility that it presents. However, there are several varieties and techniques of glass décor and design that can be utilized. One of the most traditional, as well as versatile, styles would be that of back painted glass. When the term ‘back painted’ glass is mentioned many people tend to think of mirrors. While it is true that mirrors are an excellent example of back painted glass, this technique can be used far beyond a simple mirror. Imagine an exquisite scene or work of art created in glass. While this image is one that captivates the imagination it also brings the question; ‘how?’ to mind. Many are familiar with the concept of painting the back of a piece of glass with silver reflecting paint to create a mirror. However, this technique has also been beneficial in creating unique designs and decors for bathrooms, kitchens and other types of wall and countertops. This has been especially successful as backsplash treatments for countertops as well. The process is one that is similar to that of creating a mirror; whatever color, image or design option is chosen is painted onto the back of the glass. This way, when the glass is installed the image or design is preserves and protected because it is, technically, under the glass. Another part of the process is to place protective laminate over the top of the glass to help avoid scratches and potential damage. The biggest benefit to utilizing back painted glass, aside from the beauty, is that cleaning the glass is done quickly and easily and doesn’t require the upkeep that other materials do.

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