Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors

Benefits of Frameless Doors
Frameless doors provide a secure and strong way of closing the entrance of your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or any other room in your house. These doors do not have an outer frame and provide you with the choice of hinge or pivot doors. These doors also come in various designs. Read on to learn some of the benefits of frameless doors. Uninterrupted View Conventional doors have vertical frames that obstruct a person's view. With a frameless glass door, you can expect an uninterrupted view. Whether you are in your home office, bedroom, or living room watching your kids play outside, these doors will give you a clear line of site. Durability Although they are made from glass, these doors rarely break or crack. The glass used to make these doors is ¼ inch thick tempered glass. This means that even a forceful impact will not break the glass. Easy to Maintain Frameless doors require minimal maintenance. There are no hinges or tracks where mildew and mold accumulate. You may only be required to watch out for the hinges. Conventional doors present issues like rust and mildew developing on their frames. These types of doors require regular cleaning and maintenance. Increased Home Value Frameless glass doors increase the value of your home. Any homeowner can fix sliding glass doors or swinging doors, but the frameless doors are exotic and associated with class. Since the doors are highly prized and come with numerous benefits, they have the effect of optimizing the plan of your open floor, enhancing your view, and adding quality to your liveable space. Safety Frameless glass doors have tempered glass that protects homeowners from flying objects. Furthermore, the lamination on these doors acts as a sound barrier that effectively minimizes the sound coming in when the door is closed. Another aspect of these doors is that you cannot lift them from the track. The doors are designed to be locked from the inside hence making access from the outside impossible for potential intruders. Frameless Glass Door Ventilation Another benefit of frameless glass doors is that they naturally ventilate a room. Each glass panel can be opened individually allowing homeowners to open a few panels to make gaps to allow air to flow in the house. Some consumers prefer to remove the interlocking channels between the panels for a permanent ventilation impact during hot seasons. The ability to slide the panels individually makes it easy to clean these doors.

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