Bi-Fold Glass Shower Doors

Bi-Fold Glass Shower Doors Bi-Fold glass shower doors have two panels that are hinged in the middle. The Bi-Fold style of glass door is suitable for step-in or walk-in showers. These doors fold into the shower instead of toward the outside of the shower. The Bi-Fold doors are perfect for compact and small bathrooms. The bi-fold shower door folds at the center with panels that can be pushed together, and are available in swing or slide models. This type of door ensures that the water stays in due to the tightness of the door when it is closed. The Bi-Folding glass doors are easily adjustable to fit any shower and bathroom in size. These shower doors not only adhere to the beauty of the bathroom but also provide you with convenience and style. Bi-fold shower doors are reasonably priced, and are a practical choice for many shower rooms. The Bi-Fold glass doors are easy to clean and maintain. The framelss bi-fold glass doors add a little more elegance than the framed bi-fold doors. The framelss is not as bold and outstanding. The framelss allows the tile or art work of your shower to shine and stand out when made with the clear style. You can also choose the frosted bi-fold style that will give you privacy when needed when showering. The bi-fold is suitable and pleasant to have added to any size your bathroom may be.

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