Colored Glass Wall vs. Clear Glass Wall

Colored Glass Wall vs. Clear Glass Wall Glass partitions and walls add a layer of privacy in an office environment and not all offices have exposure to windows, a natural light source. According to researchers of an Australian study of 100 men, the human body uses sunlight to stimulate serotonin production. High levels of serotonin in the blood stream indicate a good mood. Good moods in the workplace should be encouraged to promote a productive environment. Glass walls allow the dissemination of light throughout the office floor when there is limited access to a natural light source. A colored glass wall vs. a clear glass wall is yet another distinction your office designers may consider. Clear glass walls are more commonly seen in offices that utilize glass walls and partitions. Clear glass has an obvious benefit if the designer wishes to create an environment which gives the look of unobstructed views of the office’s parameters. A fully unobstructed view can be gained by using frameless glass walls. Without the outline of frames securing the glass, the walls appear to be supported only by the floor. This clean look can be quite striking and works well with offices decorated in a contemporary theme. For a more utilitarian look, glass walls with metal frames can also be used to create private areas within an open office floor. Private offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, lunch areas, etc. can easily be outlined by glass partitions and glass walls. Add color to the walls and you add a modicum of increased privacy and an added decorating detail. Colored glass walls are available in a variety of colors from immediately available stock colors to an endless supply of custom colors. Your business colors can be recreated and applied to your custom glass walls and partitions. Colors range from the lightest of pale colors to the deepest of rich colors. The colored glass is made using a proprietary technology that applies color using repeated applications of a back painting technique and heat curing finished with a final coating. Glass panels can be obtained in standard sizes as large as 96" x 144" and standard sizes as small as 42" x 130" or 65" x 84". The application for which you use your glass walls can span the list of possible office applications. Glass walls allow light to pass throughout the office while providing privacy to different office personnel and departments. A colored glass walls vs. a clear glass wall is simply a matter of preference and the degree of privacy you are seeking. Either colored glass walls or clear glass walls offer an excellent solution to the need for natural light flowing throughout your office floor.

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