Commercial Glass Flooring

Architecturally Designed Commercial Glass Flooring Manufacturers can produce laminated glass flooring by bonding together two or more heat-treated layers of pressured glass. The bonding of the glass is done with an interlayer of plastic resin called Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). The airline and automobile industries use multiple PVB sheets in the designing of their glass windshields. The Polyvinyl Butyral interlayer will keep all moisture from penetrating into the glass floor. The PVB interlayer blocks 99 percent of the harmful UV rays and cuts down on the noise level as people are traveling through the building. Architects and construction engineers can also request customized colored sheets of PVB interlayer resin from the manufacturer for their projects. Construction engineers have found that the best way to lay laminated commercial glass flooring is to use an aluminum grid and block pavers. Instead of having to use grout, a silicone sealant is used to enclose the sides and bottom edges. This method is newer but allows for a better seal when enclosing each block. The aluminum grid also gives more support, durability, and strengthens the glass flooring so it can handle all the foot traffic that it sees each day. Glass flooring can be made with a frost tint, crystal clear, revo, or with small rocks or sand embedded. All the options will allow for the natural lighting to come through and give a certain amount of privacy. The major benefits of glass flooring is that it is shatterproof, quake proof, secure, safe and can handle high volumes of foot traffic. Glass flooring has become so popular that even The Eiffel Tower is renovating the first floor and replacing it with glass flooring. This will allow tourists to see all the happenings that are going on down on the street below. Commercial glass flooring is used in many government buildings, hospitals and educational institutions because it has the ability to repel mold, bacteria, dust and does not require a lot of cleaning.

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