Common Applications for Security Glass

Common Applications for Security Glass Safety glass is glass which has been specially treated to make it difficult to break and pose less of a threat if it is broken. Since its creation in the early twentieth century it has gone through a series of refinements which have made it stronger and more versatile. Today it is used for residential, commercial and industrial settings. The treated glass is used in places where there are threats of physical harm or where there are assets which require a high level of security. They provide a measure of protection which no other type of glass can offer. There are three basic types of safety glass. They are tempered glass, armed glass and laminated glass. Tempered glass is treated with heat to make it stronger and shatter resistant. The glass is heated until it nears the melting point at between 1100 and 1300 degrees fahrenheit. It is quickly cooled using cold air and under pressure. This process hardens the glass inside and out. The glass has then become shatter resistant and can stand up to 4 times the force than glass that has not been treated. This is a very popular choice for many types of applications. Another type of safety glass that is very popular is laminated glass. Laminated glass is formed by putting resin between 2 layers of glass and placing then under heat and pressure. The result is glass that remains connected even when the glass is broken. If someone or something hits it with great force it breaks in a spider web pattern but remains bonded. The three layers make the glass extremely strong. This type of glass is often used in situations where there is a good chance of people bumping into the glass. It is used in aircraft and automobile windshields, bank teller booths, curtain walls, skylight glazing, storefronts, tank viewing windows and hurricane resistant doors and windows. Armed Glass is both decorative and strong. It is often available in a wide range of colors. Many people use it as a roofing material for industrial and other outdoor buildings. It allows sunlight to filter in but obscures visibility. Its use can provide some energy savings. Safety glass has found an appreciative audience. Millions of people every day are helped because of its use. It is a simple way to improve security, prevent injury, add beauty and take advantage of a creative roofing option.

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