Conference Room- Smart Glass Vs. Regular Clear Glass

Conference Room- Smart Glass Vs. Regular Clear Glass

When it comes to a conference room, the overall tone that is set for this type of room should be one of innovation, creativity, and authority. As such, glass walls are often used to help make a conference room appear superior to other rooms in the building and help create a feeling of control and confidence.One of the many questions business owners have when using a glass wall in their conference rooms is whether they need Smart Glass or just regular glass. The great thing about Smart Glass is that is has the ability to change from transparent to frosted, which helps apply a sense of privacy for important conference settings that need not be interrupted.Another great thing about Smart Glass is that is can be applied to any thickness or type of existing glass wall that is already in use. This means that the construction to updating to a Smart Glass structure is minimal and cost-effective.

Many conference rooms start out with traditional clear glass walls, then upgrade to Smart Glass at a later date as the convenience of a Smart Glass addition proves necessary. Easy to use, fairly cost effective, and certainly convenient, a Smart Glass wall allows for the transition of clear to frost with just the click of a button. By contrast, a regular clear glass wall does not transition between clear and frost.

While there is no clear call as to whether Smart Glass is a wiser choice than regular clear glass, many conference rooms are supplied with Smart Glass because companies enjoy the multiple uses available with the glass itself. The choice to use either regular clear glass or Smart Glass for a conference room wall is clearly up to the company itself, and each creates the confident allure that glass walls provide.

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