Learn About Curtain Wall Glazing

Curtain Wall Glazing Glass is a fascinating concept in wall design. Curtain wall glazing is usually framed in aluminum, with a flash of glass cleverly filled in between decorative stone or metallic panels. Curtain wall is a framing attached within a building, creating a wall. It is separate from the flooring or roofing loads carried by the structure. The curtain wall system is not really new, but always innovative. In fact, the Ottoman Empire began to build curtain walls in the middle ages. This was dependent on tall trees for the framing structure, which later stopped becoming available. Large glass panels began to be created during the 18th century, but wood framing of an extensive nature was no longer cost-effective. Metal-framed glass curtains were engineered in Liverpool, England (Oral Chambers, 1864) The glass was a superb method of letting in badly needed light to the dark buildings of that era. The design reappeared in the 1930's, and really hit stride after WW II when aluminum stopped being a war requirement and became available for building. Aluminum has the distinct advantage of being extremely malleable, and the designs created are without limit. Customizing can easily be accomplished for a unique concept fostered by customer creativity. The benefits of day-lighting in buildings, particularly living and working quarters, is well-established. However, thermal/solar aspects are a little more difficult to handle with glazed curtain walls. Metal panels, veneers of stone and open vents are used for optimal comfort. Curtain walls are highly adaptable. They can span numerous floors, be well-designed for building sway and shifting and cost effective for lighting, cooling and heating of structures. Curtain wall glazing is a well-established opportunity to bring daylight into buildings, creating the panoramic sweep of open spaces within the confines of homes and offices. This innovative technology is cost-effective and architecturally resourceful.

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