Curtain Wall Glazing System

About the Curtain Wall Glazing System
Curtain walls cover the outside of a building, keeping the contents of the building inside and the weather outside. They are aesthetically pleasing, in addition to bringing natural daylight indoors. The curtain wall glazing system can be done on-site or in a factory beforehand. On-site glazing usually occurs with stick systems, where unitized systems tend to have factory glazing. Curtain walls can be blast resistant glazed if an area is prone to hurricanes, terrorist threats or other potentially damaging events, wherein laminated glass will break but not separate from the building.Glazing can also be referred to as infills, and are inserted into the curtain wall. Glass is the most common type of glazing, but fabric and stone are sometimes used. Vents and windows can be glazed into the system, providing ventilation that would otherwise only come through open doors. A curtain wall glazing system is easy to maintain and repair. Generally, the only maintenance required is cleaning, which should be done non-abrasively to preserve the glazing. The glazing seals will need to be replaced every decade or two for optimal performance. The infrequency of maintenance that is not cleaning makes glazing a very appealing structural feature. Waterproofing is an important aspect of glazing systems, and it is necessary that there is internal drainage. There are two types of glazing, wet and dry. Dry glazing is a pre-formed rubber gasket, while wet glazing is a wet seal over glazing tape or back-up rods. Wet-glazed systems have better water resistance than dry-glazed, but there are many disadvantages. A wet-glazed curtain wall system must be accessed from the exterior, while dry-glazed can be worked on easily from the interior. Glazed curtain walls are an attractive, efficient way to let natural daylight into a building while keeping weather out.

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