Custom Antique Mirrors

Custom Antique Mirrors Custom Antique Mirrors Are One of a Kind: Interested in a custom antique mirror? It is hard to find affordable antique mirrors, but the same elegant style can be customized and much more affordable. There are many styles and finishes available in antique mirrors. Patina will vary depending on how antique the mirror is to appear. A wide range of colors are available from a regular color to metallic. The finish can be glazed, wood grain, crackle or many more. An antique mirror can be made special by adding lettering with meaningful quotes or logos. Edging can be used to add even more of a unique flare to mirrors. Make sure the custom antique mirror is made using the finest materials available. An antique mirror is a hot trend currently. Mirrors are not just for the bathroom any longer. Use mirrors as back splashes in kitchens, on custom doors, furniture or elegant room dividers. They can be used in place of a piece of art to give rooms a memorable feel. The antique mirror can give hotels, businesses or living spaces a polished look. Antique mirrors give a softened look to reflections. They can brighten dark rooms by reflecting light in all directions. This will open up small rooms by giving the illusion of a bigger space. The antique mirror can be a small wooden picture frame for a tiny bathroom or cover an entire wall. With custom antique mirrors, a guest can be taken to a little cottage in the European countryside, or make them feel like they have stepped back in time for a vintage romance. Antique mirrors provide a unique look to any space Custom antique mirrors are cut to specified size and shape. They are not limited to typical shapes like squares and rectangles. Antique mirrors are also referred to as decorative windows. They are movable, and can change the look of a room. Having mirrors in a home is no longer for the rich, but they can make decor stand out in a crowd.

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