How To Clean Custom Glass Panels

How To Clean Custom Glass Panels The first step to cleaning custom glass panels is gathering all the required tools and supplies. This will reduce delays during the cleaning process. Generally, a bucket of water and dish soap are the main items you will need. For advance cleaning, other items will be required. Those items will be covered later. Most custom panel glass windows are cleaned in their current locations, but if possible, remove them. Sliding windows are removable windows. These types of windows just require a simple lift and slide. Each window can then be pulled in the room. Before washing the windows, fill your bucket with warm water and the cleaning product of your choice. Do not wash the panel glass without cleaning the windscreen first. Remove each windscreen to properly clean them. Cleaning the windscreens removes the dust that the wind could project into your home. Washing the screen also reduces any stale scents. To clean the screens, lift them from the tracks and rub them together while running water on them with a hose. Next, rub the screens with a rag. After you are done washing the screens, looking around the area for spider webs and remove them with a broom or a rag. Once the screens and the surrounding area are clean, begin the prep work for washing the windows. Use the hose and wash any dirt or dust off the windows, one at a time, to avoid water spots. Next, wash the frames of the windows using a soaked sponge. Washing the custom glass panels should be done properly to reduces streaks. A squeegee is the best tool for the job. Use the squeegee and start at the top corner of the window. Use a z pattern and wipe the squeegee to the other side of the window to the bottom. Next, move the squeegee at the left, top corner, and then move the squeegee down. Next, remove excess water from the squeegee, and begin a cleaning line, moving the squeegee to the right side of the window. Always dry the squeegee between each window stoke. This reduces lines and streaks on the window pane. Windows should be dried using a chamois or dry cloth. Inside windows should be cleaned the same way as outside, but you must put a towel down to protect the floor from soapy water. There will be more dust and dirt on the inside window frame, so use a duster, rag, or a vacuum hose to collect the dust before washing the windows.

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