Custom Glass Panels

The Benefits and Uses of Custom Glass Panels Glass is truly a remarkable invention of man. Its roots can be traced back as far as 3500 BC. It has a hard surface, and can hold up to the elements. It is usually clear, but it can come is different colors. It has many uses. In ancient cultures, they used it mainly as vessels to carry water of food. In some cultures, they also used it for jewelry. Today, it is used for so much more. Glass is the primary use for windows and especially glass panels. One of the main things people do with glass panels is to customize them. They can be used in variety of ways. Custom glass panels can be found on doors, in window treatments and as room dividers. There are also different types of custom glass panels. Tempered glass is a type panel that is five times harder than regular glass, and if it does not break into many sharp pieces. Sheet glass is interesting because if it is colored, the color is throughout. Stained glass is painted has been painted on the surface and fired in a kiln. Textured glass is a very popular type of glass. It can be used as room dividers, in showers, and for privacy. The patterns on this type of glass can create some interesting and beautiful effects. Laminated glass is a strong type of glass. It can withstand shattering because has an inner layer made of polyvinyl buthatyral. This helps it to hold it together in the event of a break. There are many benefits to using custom glass panels like these. Security is a major benefit because a customer can have special lamination added to the glass to insulate it from intruders. Soundproof glass is helpful in places where a level of quietness is required, and using some of the textured glass patterns can add a level of beauty to any home or office.

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