Custom Glass Shower Door

Custom Glass Shower Door Summary A custom glass shower door can be a great investment. While they are more expensive then a plastic shower curtain or a cloth shower curtain the long term investment will pay off. There are various reasons to consider a glass shower door versus a plastic door or the absence of any door at all. Now that you can order custom doors it should be easy to fit a glass shower door into any space. Glass shower doors are much more hygienic than any other type of door. Water easily rots almost every material, but glass. This is why they are a popular choice. Glass doors hold in the water and do not take any damage even with regular showers. They do require regular cleaning so that mold does not start to grow, but simply wiping them down once a week is usually all that is needed. Most people choose to skip a shower door because they feel that it is an unneeded expense. When you think about the damage that water can do the expense quickly becomes worth it. Water that slowly seeps out of a shower can damage the floors, lead to dry rot, and cause a slipping hazard on the floor. Mildew on a bath rug is one more reason that water needs to be kept in the shower. A glass shower door will make sure that water does not seep out. However, a poorly fitted glass shower door can also allow water to seep out. Therefore, it is important to only order a custom shower door that is matched to the exact dimensions of a shower. By ordering a custom set of doors, there is no doubt that all water will stay in the bath tub or shower and that the fit will be perfect. This also prevents struggle with the door because a custom fit means that the door will easily slid open and shut the way it is supposed to. Custom measurements generally take into account the width of the shower opening, the height of the shower, and the overall depth of the opening in the shower where the custom glass shower door will be installed.

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