Custom Made Mirrors

Custom Made Mirrors Designers know that there are no rules when decorating with mirrors. They can be used like movable ornamental windows and placed in any room to expand and lighten the effect. Custom mirrors are now available that will complement any home or office decor. A bold, striking mirror can be the pivotal piece in a room. Custom made mirrors can be ordered in small to extra-large dimensions that will reflect light, brighten areas, and add breadth to room space. Choose from rectangular, square, circular, or oval shapes. Measure the area where the mirror is to be placed and enter the dimensions. The mirror will ship in a few business days. Mirrors are a requirement for bathrooms. It is often much simpler and cheaper to order a custom mirror than spend hours trying to find a mirror that is the right size and style. Professionals recommend ordering an ultra-clear mirror for bathrooms as this is the same type of glass that designer stores and gyms use. Ultra clear mirrors contain less iron than other mirrors and the result is a clear tint versus the typical “green tint” that most glass projects. Reflections are clear and unrestricted. Bathroom mirrors are typically frameless and installed on the wall; the mirror glass is heavyweight but delicate. Since custom mirrors are “cut to fit,” unusual spaces can be creatively decorated. Entire bathroom walls can be covered with mirrors by placing mirror sheets next to each other. Customs mirrors can be cut out to allow openings for electrical outlets. Some designers insist that homes can never have enough mirrors. Multiple mirrors can be hung on a wall and grouped in attractive ways that rival art pieces. Great effects can happen when mirrors are selected that are proportional to each other and the area space. They are particularly beneficial for widening narrow rooms and dark hallways because they attract light. Many designs can be achieved with custom mirrors because not only are mirrors cut in different sizes and shapes, they also come in different thicknesses. Quarter inch mirrors are recommended for wall mirrors. Mirrors are available in clear, bronze, or gray. A final selection for custom mirrors are the edgings. When mirror edges will be displayed, the smooth, glossy Flat Polished Edge should be selected. Seamed Edge mirrors which have had their edges sanded should be selected for mirrors that are going to be framed. Custom mirrors allow individuals to select the style of mirror that is best for the home or office. They aesthetically enhance rooms that lack natural light and give the illusion of more space in narrow areas. Custom mirrors arrive with safety backings and all hardware necessary to hang immediately.

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