Custom Shower Door Glass

Custom Shower door Glass
Customizing a bathroom can be one of the best ways to make a person feel at home. Custom shower glass doors are great because they fit into a variety of different styles and arrangements within a person's bathroom. Selecting a glass door that fits into the rest of the decor of the bathroom is a wonderful way to ensure that the entire ensemble of the bathroom's design comes together well. Custom designs and etchings can ensure that whatever unique look you are going for will be met. Some added exquisite detailing can make the door look a lot fancier than it really is. There are often different types of designs that can be added, for example, the difference between frost and clear coating on the door.There are basically four types of shower glass doors. These are frameless glass shower doors, semi-frameless shower doors, framed shower doors and sliding shower doors. The most popular of these is most likely the sliding shower door. These doors can either include or exclude frames. These are often made with 3/8'' glass. Naturally, custom shower doors can fit just about any bathtub style and bathroom arrangement. Frameless shower doors are as they sound. They are pure glass, often hinged against other glass with a metal or even plastic handle. Semi frameless doors are slightly different. Often these types of doors use 3/16'' tempered glass. The distinction between framed and semi-frameless glass is fairly simple. While the semi-frameless shower glass has a frame, the door itself is frameless, making for a uniquely different style. All of these glass doors can come in many different glass widths and it is best to consider all possible options before selecting one for a custom bathroom design. The hinges, handles and other parts can also come in a variety of different materials. Overall, when selecting a custom shower door, consider the various options. While style is important, the durability and quality of the glass is as well. Glass doors can add a beautiful level of depth to a shower,

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