Custom Shower Glass Panels

Adding Custom Shower Glass Panels to a Bathroom
Homeowners who are updating their bathroom often choose to include a shower. One option for a shower is to add custom shower glass panels. The availability of these panels has changed since they was initially introduced years ago. Glass panels made today offer many benefits to homeowners. They are available in different shapes and in a style for any bathroom design. The addition of custom shower glass panels are a great way to update the look of an old bathroom. If a new shower is being installed, then shower panels can be added that are frameless. There appear as if a shower panel is floating. This is a great way to create a stylish and modern look for any bathroom. The hinges will typically be made of stainless steel of are chrome plated. Brackets are also used to hold a panel to an existing wall or to a partition. Frameless glass panels are used with glass doors to create a totally new bathroom design. The types of glass panels were once limited to frosted glass or textured glass. Clear glass panels are not available to provide many design options for a homeowner. One benefit of adding glass shower panels to a bathroom is the ability to make a small space look much bigger. A homeowner can find glass panels for a shower in many sizes and shapes. These include square and a diamond shape. Panels and doors can also be in the shape of a rectangle. A custom design means that a panel can be designed based on the need and preference of the homeowner. The shape of the panels for a shower is often based on the size of the bathroom and the location of the shower. One benefit of glass shower panels is they can act as a space divider. They are best used for the creation of an enclosed shower compartment in any area of a bathroom. Multiple panels may be added to an existing bathroom without having the expense of a remodel or renovation. A bathroom can easily have panels added to provide a sleek look that is both tidy and classy. A homeowner can typically choose among four basic types of shower panels for a bathroom. There are frosted glass options, tinted glass options, antiqued glass options, and etched glass options. Any update to a bathroom will benefit from the addition of glass panels that are framed or frameless.

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