Custom Sliding Glass Door

Choosing A Custom Sliding Glass Door Sliding glass doors can add function and beauty to showers and exterior doors. While you can purchase pre-fabricated sliding glass doors at your local hardware store, having a custom sliding glass door can allow you to put your own personal stamp on your home. When choosing a custom glass door for your home, it’s important to consider a wide variety of styles and types before making your final choice. The more you know about sliding glass door varieties and the features of different types of glass doors, the better you will be able to choose a door that best reflects your personal sense of style. Knowing the types of glass you can use in your custom sliding glass door can help you choose a door that best fits your mental image of the ideal door. These are some common types of glass used in sliding glass doors: • Clear glass doors are your standard glass doors. They are completely transparent and will allow light in and allow you to see in and out. Many people chose them for exterior glass doors if they want to be able to see outside or to allow natural light into the home. • Milky glass doors are opaque glass doors that will obscure images and let little if any light into the home or area where they are installed. For maximum privacy, these glass doors are ideal and are often used in showers. • Smoked frosted glass doors are glass doors that permit light to pass through but blur images. Frosted glass is produced by sandblasting glass or etching it with acid. These doors are ideal for providing a little bit of privacy. • Dark smoked frosted glass doors are frosted glass doors with a dark tint. This adds style and personality to the functionality of a frosted glass door. These doors work well with a variety of décor choices, providing a point of contrast to bright surfaces. • Combo glass doors typically have an opaque bottom and a clear top. These type of doors are ideal for the shower, or in an exterior door if you want privacy but also the ability to see what’s going on outside. Take a look at home design magazines and websites to see how different types of glass are employed in home designs and begin brainstorming your own ideas. Be sure to take practical considerations such as the existing décor of your home and lighting needs into consideration when selecting the type of glass you need for your custom sliding glass door.

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