Custom Tempered Glass

Common Applications For Custom Tempered Glass
Custom tempered glass, which is glass that’s made tougher than usual, has many applications in a business setting. Contractors use tempered glass because it’s made to satisfy building safety codes in most places. Common applications for custom tempered glass include door windows, entry doors, skylights and shower stalls. Tempered glass may also be required for windows in high-rise buildings to protect against the wind. Other common applications for custom tempered glass are to protect stairways and escalators. Tempered glass is also used for telephone booths. It can also be used for external and internal walls, glass partitions in offices and other architectural elements.Tempered glass can be up to five times stronger than regular glass. It also often has a pleasing, wavy or pebbly texture and most times won’t fall out of the frame, even when it’s broken. Manufacturers make tempered glass by putting regular glass on a roller table that's passed through a furnace that heats it to over 1300 degrees F. Then, it’s exposed to cold temperatures. This causes the outside of the glass to cool quickly. The inside of the glass remains molten and takes a longer time to cool. Glaziers also make tempered glass by fusing the layers of glass with melted potassium salts. This sort of process is used when the builder or the architect needs glass to be thin but strong. The great benefit of tempered glass is its safety factor. When tempered glass breaks, it tends to break into chunks, though glass that’s been chemically tempered breaks apart into larger bits. Regular glass shatters into sharp and dangerous shards. So, tempered glass is less likely to cause grievous injury when it’s broken. Tempered glass can also withstand bomb blasts, hail and hurricane force winds better than regular glass. It also tolerates extremes of hot and cold much better than regular glass and so is often used in microwave ovens. Tempered glass’s toughness might fool people into handling it with less care than they would regular glass, but tempered glass should be handled with the same care. Damaged edges can make tempered glass more susceptible to sudden breakage if it’s put under stress.

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