Decorative Laminated Glass

What is Decorative Laminated Glass Used For
Decorative laminated glass is becoming more and more popular. Not only does it add beauty to any decor it also serves many functional purposes. It comes in a wide range of patterns, textures and colors to blend with the design scheme chosen for your decorating purposes. Aside from this it also adds some level of safety depending on its intended use. Laminated glass contains a sheet of laminate which prevents the glass from shattering into pieces. This is extremely beneficial to shop and store owners as well as office buildings. Functional uses for this type of glass include sound control. The extra layer of protection inside the glass helps create a sound barrier so most noises are completely unheard and loud noises are minimized substantially. This is useful in radio stations and recording studios where noise reduction is a must. Using decorative glass also helps reduces solar glare by preventing bright sunlight from shining into a building or room. One benefit of this is to keep cooling costs down because heat isn't radiated through the glass panes. It also offers protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and can filter out almost 99% of the suns harmful effects. This is important not only to protect individuals but it also prevents furniture from sun damage as well. Aesthetics is another reason for choosing decorative laminated glass. You can find textures or patterns to fit your decor. Because of the decorative inter-layers you can find patterns such as natural grasses, leaves, thin woods, meshed metal patterns and even photographs have been used. This type of glass has other safety features that make it ideal for earthquake prone areas. Since the glass does not shatter and simply spider-webs when cracked, this will help with public safety in the event of an earthquake. Many people are cut by broken glass during natural disasters. Having this extra level of security offers peace of mind to prevent injuries. Typical uses for decorative glass include architectural designs in hospitals, museums, libraries, restaurants, shopping malls and many other public areas. It offers public buildings added protection for safety purposes plus it adds a splash of style and ambiance. In the home it is used for shower stalls, skylights and even as kitchen back-splashes behind the stove or a sink. Due to the fact that you can find many designs to fit any decor it is becoming very popular in home use. Decorative laminated glass offers many functional features along with an aesthetic appeal that adds style to any decorating scheme.

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