Electric Switchable Glass – Does Privacy Justify the Cost?

Electric Switchable Glass - Does Privacy Justify the Cost? Switchable glass contains innovative technology that makes this product turn opaque or translucent with a mere press of a button. Polyvision switchable glass has liquid crystal film that is firmly pressed between the PVB interlayers and panes of glass. When power is on, the molecules of the film line up to make the glass transparent and when power is of, the molecules scatter randomly to make it opaque. Aside from being stylish, the switchable glass is best for both commercial and residential use. However, does privacy and other benefits of switchable glass justify its cost? Let’s have a look at why it can be a great investment for you: * Closed space and open space with one solution Owners of big open spaces are often confused whether their floor plan should have walls, or remain open. However, by implementing switchable privacy glass as walls, they won’t have to choose. When this glass is turned off, the entire space appears open. When it is turned on, immediately walls appear, creating an enclosed space. * Much better privacy Wether used for hospital windows, restaurant windows, or as walls of any conference room, switchable glass offers best possible privacy when it is switched on. * Attention grabbing This product grabs attention in public places such as clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, and bars. Instead of creating separate VIP areas, you can use switchable glass and make the users feel all the more important * Improved aesthetics Switchable privacy glass is the best option for open areas that need several multi-level partitions. You can use glass panels instead of concrete walls, which allows space to look sectioned off, or open depending upon your needs. * Reduced energy consumption Electric switchable glass operates at a low voltage and also reduces heating and cooling costs in the building. It can be switched off to allow more light and heat in the winter months and reduce the amount of light and heat in the hot summer months. This helps in reducing carbon footprint and significant savings on temperature regulation. There are several ways to change the opacity of switchable glass, such as remote control, wall switches, light sensors, movement sensors or timers. Mostly, intelligent glass solutions are used for creating showroom and boardroom areas at the mere flick of a button. Considering all these benefits, switchable glass can pay for itself within a short time and you can continue to enjoy its benefits for decades. Definitely, the privacy and other benefits offered by this amazing glass justify its cost!

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