Endless Possibilities with Laminated Glass

Endless Possibilities with Laminated Glass Using glass in a building's design is a sure way to create a modern and elegant appearance. It's no wonder this sleek style is gaining popularity among architects and designers as a way to set a space apart from the confines of traditional building materials. Incorporating glass into a structure is a sure way to achieve unparalleled light effects and radical angles, yet many wonder how this material can provide a safe and sound environment. What few people realize is that laminated glass creates a barrier that protects against impacts, sound, solar effects and storms; all the while providing a stylish environment. Its secure structure is created by a layer of Polyvinyl Butryal or PVB that makes it flexible and resistant. Instead of shattering, this glass will crack but maintain its original shape. It can be layered to provide a sound structure for exterior glass or left simple for smaller fixtures. With these improvements in safety and functionality, the boundaries that had been previously set for glass use in constructions are being shattered on a regular basis. Now, this glass can be used to provide awesome angles for a building with an impressive impact. It can also be implemented in the creation of curtain walls and ribbon windows. Some may be surprised to hear that it can even be used as flooring. For decadent spaces, this glass can be used to create or embellish smaller fixtures. Handrails and wall accents are illuminated when comprised of laminated glass. Equally, counter spaces, shelving and even sinks take on a new level of class when fashioned of this surprisingly durable material. With all these impressive options, the possibilities surrounding laminated glass seem to be truly endless. Take a look around and it's easy to note the many ways that builders are implementing this product in state of the art projects. Progressive design means thinking out of the box, and with laminated glass opportunities know no boundaries.

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