Folding Glass Wall

Folding Glass Wall

Enhancing a Home’s Beauty Inside and Outside with Glass

Building a custom home provides the opportunity to explore innovative architectural features to set a house apart from the crowd. A generous display of sunlight and nature from a folding glass wall enriches any home. Installed between a large room and outdoor patio, a glass wall softens the inside-outside border while increasing entertainment space.

A Refreshing Roominess

Once thought of as an expensive luxury, glass openings are now sought after design features. The feel of older homes is completely refreshed by their inclusion. Replacing a solid interior wall with a movable glass wall increases both perceived and physical expanse. They are perfect for closing off an outdoor kitchen or covered pool from the weather.

In whatever application, glass walls are a sound long-term investment that increase the beauty and resale value of any property.

Design and Material

Glass walls come in dozens of styles, materials and finishes. They match and enhance the style of existing homes or provide absolute freedom for new home designs. Homeowners can choose among frames of metal, aluminum clad or solid wood. Single, double and energy-efficient triple glazing is available. Thanks to modern materials, glass wall frames require minimal maintenance other than periodic cleaning.

The highest quality materials and manufacturing standards ensure that modern folding glass walls operate with a minimum of effort. They glide smoothly and quietly when opening. Closed, they are a weather-proof barrier to rain and drafts. Even under windy conditions, they are free of vibration and clatter.


Quality folding walls are built to withstand attempted intrusions. Each panel contains multiple locks, which are engaged from a single lever. The wall presents itself as a solid, single unit to anyone trying to gain access.

A Must-Have Design Feature

Given the dramatic effect on the appearance of a home’s exterior and interior, the addition of an all glass, folding wall to a new or pre-existing home must be a serious consideration. They provide a thrilling uniqueness and accessibility to any living area inside or outside.

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