Frameless Tub Shower Doors

Frameless Tub Shower Doors
As the name suggests, frameless doors for a bathtub or shower have no frames but are mounted by hinges, generally of stainless steel or glass. Frameless tub shower doors come in a wide variety of styles and options. They are prized for their minimalist appearance, and used to showcase shower decor. The glass can be transparent, to allow more light, engraved, to enhance decor, or translucent, to allow for privacy. One or more panels of glass may be used. The glass can be cut straight or asymmetrically,along the top, a mountain range look is popular. Doors may be sliding, swinging, or reach from floor to ceiling to create a personal steam room.
Frameless glass doors are hygenic because they eliminate mold and bacteria build up between glass and frame. The glass can be sealed with a hydro phobic treatment, such as Transparent Polymer Coating, which causes water to wick off and prevents buildup.
To prevent water leakage, the doors need to be measured precisely to fit. Rain shower heads are best, because they direct water down, and should be installed next to the door, not across from. A clear polycarbonate sweep and strike are often installed around the glass to further prevent water leakage.
Frameless doors are heavier than framed doors. The glass used is generally a 1/2 to 1/4 inch thick, and is tempered to prevent shattering. In the unlikely event that a door is damaged, most manufacturers use glass designed to break into small, uniform pieces with round edges, which reduces the risk of injury. Glass doors are recyclable and an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable vinyl shower curtains. Glass may also be a healthier choice, because studies show that vinyl can be carcinogenic. Frameless tub shower doors are an investment that can add to the value of one's home and personal satisfaction.

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