Frosted Glass Partition

Frosted Glass Partition Frosted glass partitions are a contemporary way to divide a room without losing sunlight. The biggest appeal to choosing frosted glass is that allows privacy to the chosen area by distorting anything behind the partition. Frosted glass is created by sandblasting or acid etching so the result is natural light spilling across the entire room. In commercial areas frosted glass partitions open up spaces and displace natural light where traditional cubical walls block sunlight and induce feelings of claustrophobia. In a work space, especially, frosted glass gives privacy to employees and everyone gets a seat by the window. By designing with frosted glass partition it's easy to play with space boundaries without the commitment of erecting a permanent wall or structure. Glass partitions that are frosted are also becoming a new common, stylish choice in apartment bathrooms and kitchens as a way to section off parts of the room, without losing the open concept appeal that's needed in such small living quarters. Changing the layout of a loft can be achieved through a partition by creating sections without permanently altering a space. Recently a trend of using glass partitions to section off the toilet area in a bathroom without sacrificing the limited space available. Another reason to chose glass partitions is when it's frosted there's a variety of design choices to compliment the room's overall theme or to be the centerpiece of the room. Frosted glass also offers a way for people to open up a room while using the partition as an accent piece or overall focal point of a room. Different patterns and designs allow creativity for designers without being overwhelmed. Some stylish choices include lines, geometric patterns, and varying areas of frosted glass. By opting for a glass partition over a traditional, solid partition spaces become sleek and trendy.

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