Frosted Glass Wall

Frosted Glass Wall and The Reasons for Using It A Frosted glass wall is a great solution for when you need a partition, and still want to let light pass through the wall. These, of course, are non load bearing walls, and were never meant to bear a load, however, they are perfect for partitions where you don't want to be able for people to see through the wall, but you would still like for light to pass through it. These types of partitions, are perfect for the office or commercial purposes, where there is an advantage to having a well-lit area, while still maintaining some privacy. A Frosted Glass wall may be used at home, as well, and would be a great feature in a bathroom, or in a place where you entertain guests. These walls can come in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes depending on the application and the environment in which they are to be placed. Custom Glass pieces are manufactured to suit specific application and design situations. Maintaining a well-lit as well as a private environment in a crowded place can be very important, this is why the frosted glass is in such demand. It is sometimes very important to use this certain type of glass when particular circumstances such as these call for it. There are certain times when glass seems like the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing choice, and in order to make a proper design or layout work, glass is needed. However, this glass is frosted with a special coating to reduce or eliminate visibility through the glass when the situation demands it. There are certain situations, in which there is no other reasonable alternative. It is a necessity in architectural design, and we are can provide you with a custom piece or pieces for whatever application you may have had in mind.

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