Glass Backsplash For Kitchens

Glass, the superior backsplash Traditionally, a back splash is the wall area behind any surface or appliance in a kitchen that in the process of use would incur some liquid or debris activity. In restaurants, a back splash would be made of some type of tile or stainless steel backsplash. In the recent style of homes, it has become vogue to replicate these industrial kitchens into a more residential kitchen application. Because of this, back splashes have become the norm in homes, and they often extend to all walls that are perpendicular to any flat surface. This includes underneath cabinets, an area in which there is little chance for any liquid or material to come in contact with the wall. They are also behind ovens as well. In home applications, backsplashes often feature some type of tile application. These materials are easy to clean, but they have some drawbacks. Ceramic tile and natural stone tile is permeable because of thousands of incursions in their surfaces. This makes them prone to staining and grout lines are hard to maintain a clean look. In response to these drawbacks, glass back splashes are a more suitable application because of their ease in cleaning. A glass back splash is available in two main methods. They can be made of individual glass tiles or by entire glass sheets. Both methods are effective means of obtaining a glass back splash for residential kitchens. When glass tile is used to make a glass backsplash, the opportunities for a unique design is virtually endless. This is because glass tile is available in myriad of styles, colors and sizes. Some are opaque and some are also transparent. Transparent glass tile has to be applied using certain techniques and with certain trowel types to prevent the lines from being seen through the outside product. However, the ease of installation is not much different from the installation of other forms of tile. Recently, large sheets of glass are being used to make glass back plashes. These sheets offer the opportunity to have a seamless glass piece along the entire glass back splash. These sheets make cleanup very easy, and they are customizable by using color on the wall behind the glass. In addition, glass is available in many hues, and these subtle colors have a tonal appeal for many people that choose this type glass back splash application.

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