Glass Canopy – Does the Benefit Justify the Cost?

Glass Canopy - Does the Benefit Justify the Cost?
Although the initial cost of a glass canopy (also called glass awning) is somewhat higher than that of a traditional fabric canopy, there are several reasons why one should consider the option. A glass canopy has a longer lifespan than that of a cloth canopy, is energy efficient, and is a great way to add space and visual appeal an establishment.By installing a glass canopy, you are essentially extending your usable space by the size of the canopy. The ability of the glass canopy to shield against the elements, and the inviting atmosphere it creates allows you to use it just as you would any inside area of your building. A glass canopy allows you to bring the benefits of the outside in, and allows for the extension of the inside to move outward. The glass canopy adds a modern, elegant appearance to the outside of your building while at the same time producing a sunny, inviting feel to the inside. Glass, opposed to fabric canopies offer a clean, welcoming, spacious ambiance to visitors or customers. Another benefit is that a glass canopy is much easier to clean and maintain than a traditional fabric canopy. While there is no easy way to clean a fabric canopy which will inevitably succumb to dust and erosion, glass canopies can be cleaned just as you would clean any other window. With a quick wipe down, a glass canopy of any age can look brand new. Yet another reason one would choose a glass canopy is that they are energy efficient. On cool days, the glass will absorb and distribute warmth from the sunlight, and on warm days, it absorbs that warmth and keeps it from the exterior walls of your building, resulting in a shady, cooler indoor temperature. The climate control that a glass canopy offers makes it a wise choice for cutting energy costs, and helping to preserve the environment. To conclude, a glass canopy, while costing more to initially install, creates a brighter, more modern, more comfortable atmosphere and saves money in the long run. They are more energy efficient than a traditional fabric canopy, easier to maintain, and stand up to the elements and common wear and tear far longer than any cloth canopy can.

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