Glass Office Dividers

Glass Office Dividers Glass office dividers come in many styles. They come in clear glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, glass with a design on it or even glass with a company logo. Office dividers can be frame-less, seamless, fold-able or used as doors. When used as doors, they can be fold-able, sliding, push or pull open. They are very versatile, help to keep an open floor plan and make a room look bigger. Glass dividers are modern, stylish and fit into any room decor. Glass office dividers are convenient also. They can be installed as a permanent wall or as a temporary divider that can be moved from place to place as needed. A room can be temporarily divided into two parts for interviewing, then put back into one when interviewing is complete. If privacy is a concern, a divider can be frosted or tinted to maintain a level of confidentiality. Frosting or tinting helps maintain privacy while allowing light to penetrate into the room. Frosting will blur images so they cannot be seen from the other side of the glass and tinting will keep the image from being seen at all. Because the glass can vary in thickness, glass dividers are also a great sound barrier so private conversations stay private. The glass can be anywhere from three millimeters to seven millimeters. Not only does it keep your conversations private, it also keeps distracting noises out. Glass office dividers are easily maintained, easily cleaned and cost effective. They don't need to be repainted. They can be easily wiped clean with glass cleaner and a soft cloth and they can be installed without the mess and expense of building a regular sheet rock wall. Glass office dividers have many uses and many advantages. While they fit into any decor, they also help maintain privacy. They also look modern and stylish and add to the style of any office space.

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