Glass Options

Types of Glass
A lot of people don't realize it, but there is a wide array of glass products out there for the consumer to consider. There is insulated glass, textured glass, plexiglas, safety glass, bullet proof glass, and even curved glass and decorative style of glass as well. An effective, customer-oriented glass company must be able to offer all of these glass options and more for your residence and business. Glass is an important business, so the purpose of this article is to explain what glass options you might have when you are in the market for it. TYPES OF GLASS Insulated, laminated, and tempered glass can be a good addition to a building or house that has many windows. The reason is because these types of glass are very thick and can slow down the heat transfer within the building. If you want to lower your heating costs, these glass types would be very effective. Low iron glass is manufactured with a composition that allows more light transmission through the surface. Low-iron glass is usually considered for a sun room or for a greenhouse. Spandrel glass is glass that is manufactured with an opaque coating that prevents people from seeing inside. This type of glass is suitable for those who desire more privacy or to hide such things as electrical wiring, HVAC ducts, and other eye-sores within a larger building. Soundproof glass is useful for those who live in noisy areas, such as near an airport, railroad, or busy highway. Bullet proof glass, which is usually made by combining a hard and soft type of glass, is usually able to resist bullets because of strong elasticity. People who desire to prevent robberies, burglaries, and other types of criminal activity use this glass.

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