Glass Partition Cost – Is it Worth It?

How Does a Movable Glass Wall Work?
The installation of movable glass walls is a great option for a commercial space.Movable glass wall can be manually operated or powered by electricity. A wall is constructed by assembling a track and then attaching glass panels. The frame is typically made from aluminum, but can also be made of vinyl. Movable glass doors may be an option to meet the requirements of the American's with Disabilities Act.The panels of a movable wall fold to one side like an accordion. They can be directed to the right or to the left and even be split. A split wall is when panels are moved to each side to create an opening. Panels can also be used to create enclosed spaces in an office building. Glass panels can come frosted to allow for increased privacy.Aluminum frames for a movable glass wall can have an exterior veneer added. This veneer can include wood, vinyl, and other options for cladding. Exterior glass walls can also come in both thermal and non-thermal options. Thermal glass walls are used for external applications and a non-thermal glass wall is used for internal applications.Movable glass walls are typically custom-made for each installation. This is due to the requirements for an office building and local building codes. A glass wall can have any number of panels. They are also easy to match any existing opening of a building or internal space.Glass used with an exterior movable glass wall can also be tinted. Tinted glass is a good way to prevent the effects of UV rays in a building. However, clear glass is a great way to keep rooms heated. The operation of a movable glass wall depends on the type of installation. Automatic walls are wired to open by a switch or remote control. Manual walls will have typically have a locking mechanism on one or more glass panels.

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