Glass Room Divider: a Clear Choice

Glass Room Divider: a Clear Choice

When space is at a premium, partitions can turn one room into two or more. A glass room divider has an additional benefit: because it allows light to shine through, the result is a bright, attractive space in the workplace or home.
There is a type to meet every need.

Clear glass creates a sunny, bright atmosphere. In the workplace, it eliminates an isolated feeling among employees. At home, clear glass combines the advantage of an extra room with the ability to see other parts of the house.
Frosted glass ensures privacy by making objects on the other side blurry as it permits light to shine through. It is available in plain and patterned styles.
• Tinted glass serves the same purpose. Because it adds color, it is an aesthetically pleasing divider.
• Patterned glass comes in clear, opaque, and colored varieties. It offers different degrees of privacy. Geometric, floral, and other patterns bring a touch of beauty into the room.
Smart/switchable glass is perfect for those whose privacy needs change. A touch of the switch turns the divider from clear to opaque, and it is possible to control the level of clearness. This glass not only increases privacy, it is a money-saver. Since they allow light to shine through, smart dividers reduce heating, air conditioning, and illuminating costs.
Laminated glass is perfect when strength and safety are concerns. Polyvinyl Butyral is sandwiched between two layers of glass, preventing it from shattering. Two added bonuses are sound insulation and keeping out 99% of UV radiation.
Sandblasted glass features etchings or carvings made by blasting an abrasive at varying speeds and angles. The effects of light shining through make the divider a thing of beauty.
• Art glass has different types: stained glass, fused glass tiles, engraved, and more.
V-grooved glass features one or more grooves to make a variety of designs. It has a prism effect which enhances the beauty of the glass and the room.
Architectural glass is a decorative glass that is ideal for interior use.

Whatever a company’s or family’s needs, there is a glass room divider to fulfill them. The enhanced beauty and light they bring make them a worthwhile addition to every décor.

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