Glass Room Partition

Glass Room Partition Are you looking for a new innovative way to add that extra room to your home, apartment of office? Let our professional staff help you design your new dream room. Adding a glass room partition can divide your space without cutting off your light source or limiting the quality of your air systems. It will give you a new room without turning it into a dark cave. Usually your natural light source comes from a set of windows on one wall of an office or home. To maintain the quality of light throughout, add a glass wall for that new room. The typical old wall built from wood studs and drywall will reduce the natural light from the windows. The room will not only loose light from the windows but also cut off some of the light to the existing area. Another disadvantage to the wood and drywall technique is that it is heavy. This could end up being a strain on the building’s foundation and structure. Glass would eliminate this problem, and maintain a brighter, cleaner environment for you. Why worry about purchasing additional artwork for your walls, when we can design a wall of your dreams. Your glass partition will be a masterpiece in itself. You can choose textured glass, decorative glass, clear glass, V-grooved or stained glass from our collection. We can even have your glass silk-screened with an original design or your logo. For a simple yet elegant look with can mix and match clear and textured panes with aluminum to create a wall unique to you alone. Our walls of glass can also slide, or swing for more versatility to add to your space. We also offer bi-folding glass doors that are fixed or retractable for your convenience. It’s your space, let our experts help you create a glass room partition for your rooms to be envied!

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