Glass Sliding Wall

A Glass Sliding Wall adds Beauty and Functionality to any Home or Business Looking for an aesthetic, economical way to enhance a home or business? Glass sliding walls enhance both the interior and exterior of a home or business by allowing the full view of a garden, patio, porch, deck, landscaping, and weather elements. A glass sliding wall is a sleek, sliding glass panel with a thin frame that provides maximum glass area. Glass walls are made of sturdy wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or frameless interior and are designed to be smooth gliding and low maintenance. These walls have one stationary panel and another horizontal panel that glides smoothly past the stationary panel. Glass walls can be used as room dividers, balcony walls, storefront walls, bedroom walls, and patio walls and come in a number of different colors and styles such as wood tones, mirrored glass, stained glass, and frosted glass, just to name a few. A glass wall offers many benefits to both residential and commercial structures. They are energy efficient, so they help save on heating and cooling costs. This is seen as "green living" and can increase the property value of a home or business. Glass walls can make a room look larger than it really is. This can be especially useful in smaller areas of the home or business that need to be enlarged and feel more inviting. Glass walls allow for wider views of a yard, ocean, lake, river, or city view, without the elements of nature getting into the home or business. These walls also provide insulation from unwanted outside noise, making a room more peaceful and relaxing. Enjoy an abundance of natural light in a room, but without harmful UV rays. Glass walls come with different glass options that allow natural light into a room, but block up to 95% of UV rays. Glass walls can generally open twice as wide as regular entry doors, so it makes it easier to move furniture and other large objects in and out of a home or business. Glass walls come with panels that connect together in a train to cover greater wall areas. Because large areas of glass need protection from weather elements such as hurricanes, glass walls come with various configurations of reinforced glass for hurricane protection. These hurricane resistant panels have been thoroughly tested for thermal and structural performance, air infiltration, water penetration, and forced entry. Glass sliding walls are designed to bring comfort and a greater sense of peace to any home or business.

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