Glass Wall Divider

Manage Space with Glass Wall Divider
The options for a glass wall divider are plentiful allowing people to create the perfect living spaces for their families. From classic to modern, opaque to clear or with special heat and sound characteristics, homeowners can customize glass to their exact specifications. Here are some great ideas for glass wall dividers."Transparent Versus Translucent Glass"The first decision for a homeowner is "How much do you want people to be able to see things on the other side of the glass wall divider?" Decorators can create different natural or artificial light conditions depending on the time of day or season. Glass dividers can be used to separate rooms with different functions, like a living room and kitchen. Although "Transparent" and "Translucent" sound similar, they are actually the opposite types of glass. Transparent glass is the type that people can see through, like a regular clear window. Translucent glass "filters" out a portion of the light creating a slight blurred look to anything on the other side. This creates privacy, intimacy, intrigue and mystery. "Spatial Glass Wall Divider Maintains Visual Sight Lines" The genius of glass is that it allows for people to "barely" or "completely" see the other side. A glass brick or tile wall is a nice permanent durable option. Classical 1950's burger and ice cream joints appreciate this style. People might be able to see light shining through, but not clearly identify what is being viewed. This can also be useful for a bathroom. Decorative, Frosted and Stained Glass add a little more artistic style allowing people to express their personalities through their wall dividers. Patterns, images and words can be displayed on Digitally Printed Glass. Bullet Proof, Soundproof, Fire Rated or Heat Resistant can be especially created for those who have special needs. People sleep better with these extraordinary safety glass wall dividers.

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