Glass Walls and Partitions

Glass Walls and Partitions Glass panes have been around for over two thousand years, but in the nineteenth century the manufacturing of large sheets of glass used for architectural design became a reality. Glass is now considered the most versatile and functional feature in architectural design. One of the newer trends with glass is using it to create glass walls and partitions. These can offer many commercial and residential benefits, and it's easy to see why it has become so popular with designers. Glass walls and partitions can be framed in aluminum or made frameless, and can be used as room dividers, office partitions or privacy walls. The walls and dividers can be movable, sliding, fixed or folding and will do its job as a partition while adding style to any home or office. Residential and commercial customers have fallen in love with these stylish yet functional design pieces. The mobility and flexibility of glass walls and partitions makes them very popular. Businesses love them because they can be used in different formats. A growing business finds these very useful when in rented or leased spaces because they can be easily moved to a new site should the business relocate. The walls and partitions are extremely easy to install and remove and have very little if any mess associated with them. The versatility of these glass wonders is another strong draw for customers. They are most often used in residences, offices, retail stores and recreational centers. They can completely enclose an area or be used as a room divider. They can come with either clear or satin finishes, and can also be customized with logos, etchings or acrylic inlays. Styles can include moveable walls and accordion or folding wall partitions. In today's "going green" environment, glass partitions and walls are very good for environmentally-conscious clients. Being non-toxic and recyclable, it's almost a perfect material. They have no added chemicals and generate no dust, making them totally hypo-allergenic. Being a natural insulator, it lets light filter through yet will contain cool air as well as warm air, making for a very energy-efficient building. If noise is an issue, the walls and partitions can be used very effectively for sound separation. So when trying to decide what materials to use when designing a home or office, glass partitions and walls can not only add style and elegance, but help the environment while being functional and versatile.

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