How Are Tempered Glass Prices Different From Clear Glass Prices?

How Are Tempered Glass Prices Different From Clear Glass Prices? W hen people who are looking at how are tempered glass prices differ from clear glass prices, there are a few important details to look into. First, it should be noted that while there are significant differences between plate glass and tempered glass, there are a few similarities. Both tempered and plate glass are clear glass, well crafted tempered glass is as crystal clear as tempered glass. However, lower quality tempered glass can have a gray cloudy hue to it. One of the most significant differences between plate glass and tempered glass, is the high quality and durability of tempered glass. Tempered glass on average is usually four to five times stronger than plate glass. Because of the way it is crafted, the glass has a much stronger resilience. The process for this is however, more extensive. Because of this the cost of tempered glass is higher. In most cases consumers understand that because the safety and durability of tempered glass is significantly better, it is worth the difference. Today, most windows and doors in private homes, commercial buildings, and vehicles are made out of tempered glass for safety reasons. The process for tempered glass involves a high heating and rapid cooling process that gives tempered glass it's much higher resistance against breakage and its safety features. This is a very important for any glass that is subjected to the rigours of people or pets. In addition to the strength of tempered glass,this glass is also a much safer when it does break. Plate glass when it breaks creates very sharp shards of glass that can cut a person quite readily. These shards have been known to be quite dangerous which can be a problem especially around children and pets. By contrast, tempered glass does not shatter into shards of sharp glass. When tempered glass breaks it crumbles into thousands of little tiny pieces of glass. While these pieces can still cut a person, they do not have the same potency to cause life threatening injury like the glass shards that are created from plate glass when it breaks. On average, plate glass runs between $5.00 and $6.00 per square foot. Tempered glass typically runs about $25.00 per square foot. Both glass types can be purchased for custom need. While this generally means the cost is four to five times greater than that of plate glass, the tempered glass is generally four to five times stronger than plate glass. However, the big savings in tempered glass comes in the safety. Because of the fact that tempered glass never shatters into shards, the safety difference of tempered glass is priceless.

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