How is Mirror Glass Used in Commercial Applications?

Exterior Commercial Applications
Mirror glass is most commonly used on windows, and it serves a dual purpose. It's both aesthetically pleasing as a design element, and architecturally recommended for blocking UV rays and heat from the sun. Mirror glass can be tinted with complimentary color, etched, and even textured. Entryway doors are also commonly mirrored for the same reason. Mirror glass can also be used to create unique and stunning optical illusions at focal points such as fountains and gardens. When installed as part of the backdrop, mirror glass provides the illusion of space and depth, transforming even a small focal point into one of grandeur.
Interior Commercial Applications As design elements to the building, mirror glass is often used to add depth to small spaces such as bathrooms and lobby areas. Some buildings also implement the use of mirror glass for security reasons, allowing for a 360 degree view of certain areas such as cashier counters and customer service areas. In conjunction with security cameras, the panoramic view allows for increased security. Elevator doors are sometimes mirrored, to provide exterior privacy and allow for the spectacular view from the interior. Commercial buildings with changing rooms often implement wall to wall mirror glass to provide their customers with an optimum visual experience as they model clothing. Mirror glass can also be used to create inner office space divisions.Commercial Aesthetics and Style Mirror glass is very versatile, and can be used as a stand alone material or adhered to almost any hard surface. Thick and tempered mirror glass can be used for interior walls, office dividers, and doors. Thinner mirror glass can be adhered to existing surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and counter tops. Often used to create the illusion of depth and space, mirror glass instantly gives a small space the feeling and appearance of openness. Mirror glass provides exterior privacy when used as two-way glass, without obstructing the view from the interior. This application is especially useful in tight or cramped office settings. Style, Functionality, and Affordability When you consider all of the commercial applications for mirror glass, it's hard to dismiss the benefits! Interior and exterior applications add style and functionality to any commercial building. Beauty, flair, and function meet elegantly on a mirrored surface, giving you almost unlimited design options. Used as accent or focal points, or used as building and construction materials, mirror glass adds that finishing touch of class to commercial buildings.

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