How is switchable glass made?

How is switchable glass made? One might have seen or heard of switchable glass and might have not even known it. This product is known by many names including switchable glass, Smart glass or Magic Glass. These terms refer to the ability for glass or a window to glaze over and provide shade when a certain amount of voltage is applied to the glass. This type of glass can be expensive to install however it will save the home or business owners a lot of money in the long run due to heat, cooling and lighting costs. Certain genres of switchable glass allow users to control the amount of light transmission by controlling the amount of voltage transmitted. When the switchable glass has the voltage applies the glass changes while still maintaining the ability to be completely clear so that one can still see through the glass. Another type of switchable or smart glass provides its users with a more private type of shade. Voltage is again applied to change the clear glass to a colored or opaque color. This process takes time as the color or opaqueness creeps in from the outside and slowly fills the glass. Electrochromic glass is used when glass is changed from clear to colored glass. Many hotels and high end establishments are choosing to use the smart glass in restrooms and between areas that would normally have an open look. The colored or opaque smart glass can be used to create an area of privacy at a moments notice. Polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices are the most common forms of smart glass. This type of glass is made by curing the dissolved or dispersed liquid polymers within the glass. This interesting form of glass is quickly becoming a popular way for one to decorate their home or business. There are numerous ways in which one might choose to use this form or art and no matter what application they choose it is sure to look amazing.

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