How to install a curtain wall

Tips on how to install a curtain wall
Curtain walls has become quite the norm in todays' modern architectural standard for large and elaborate buildings. They show off a certain luster when the sun glints on a cascade of windows that span towards the sky. This type of architectural styling has been around for about as long as people have been building structures that were several stories high; it allows for the structure to not be just a plain walled eyesore with siding ascending the exterior walls. A good question is how to install curtain walls without compromising the overall structure? Well, Architects design the buildings in such a way as to allow the structure to rest on the other parts of the design, whereas the curtain wall is only supporting itself. The main purpose of the materials of the curtain wall is to keep rain and wind out of the structure, and to keep people in. It does not have to be a very strong material due to this. Most of the time glass is used in the installation because of many reasons, but mostly because it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The framing of the curtain must be made of a stronger material so that it can support itself; aluminum framing is the most common choice today, whereas steel was originally used for this purpose. The most common method of how to install a curtain wall is to use a stick system; glass contractors will have their crews build the wall, piece by piece onsite. However, another way to install a curtain wall system is to use the panel system. This is a process where the contractors will bring in prefabricated panels that will be used to construct the wall of the building.

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